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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Bludhaven View Post
Yes but when compared with the comic books, past movies and other similar characters like Captain America he is realistic, very much so.

The point is Nolan's Batman was watered down. Everything from his intelligence, his fighting skills and feats were attenuated. You can't have a watered down Batman fighting alongside Superman and Wonder Woman, it would just look ridiculous. You need a Batman who can fight like Captain America, Black Widow or Hawkeye, who's smart enough to build his own gadgets and who is worthy enough of the title of the worlds greatest detective.

Nolan's Batman struggled to fight the Joker's dogs and a Bane that wasn't even half the size of his comic book counterpart, to have him then fight aliens, demons or whatever the Justice League movie plans to include, would be such a preposterous jump that even the general audience wouldn't buy into it.
This. As much as I loved Nolan's Batman, it just would not fit in with the Justice League unless they nerf the rest of the League immensely or somehow power up Nolan Bats to the point of inconsistency. Otherwise, if he is incorporated in JL as he has been in the Nolan movies, he will seem hilariously useless.

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