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Default Re: The Mandarin in Iron Man 3...Love it or hate it? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
I didn't know much about mandarin so i kind of shrugged at it but i can't see how anyone who was a fan of the actual character could have approved? I'm just thinking how i'd react if they pulled that stunt with one of the main batman rogues?
Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
That was Ra's al ghul though. To my knowledge the "real mandarin" was nothing like his comic counterpart.
There was definitely a shortage of "fans of the actual character (Mandarin)" before this movie came out. Now all of a sudden, Mandarin apparently gains this huge outraged comic-book fanbase.....go figure.

And here's the thing: none of these overnight Fandarin bandwagoners can point to how, exactly, the comic-book character could have been portrayed authentically....because Mandarin has been altered and changed so many times over the decades that there is no one definitive look or backstory or powerset to the character. And that's pretty much what Shane Black was getting at in this movie. In fact, between Kingsley and Pearce, the "two Mandarins" pay homage to every iteration of the character from the 1960s until present. What we got was an amalgamation of all the different Mandarins, presented in a unique way that is both true to the character(s), and refreshingly new and contemporary.


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