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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by TheLastAvenger View Post
The biggest problem I have with people who dislike the "Mandarin Twist" is their questioning of the motivation by Shane Black and Marvel Studios for why they did it.

To me, it makes perfect sense why Shane Black did it. He disliked the character, and made a CREATIVE DECISION to change that character to fit within the context of a movie he wanted to make. You're welcome to disagree with Shane Black's decision. And absolutely, he took advantage of fans' expectations regarding who or what the Mandarin was.

But to even bring Marvel Studios into this discussion is lame. How clear could it have possibly been that this decision came from Shane Black, and not Marvel saying "Oh, this won't work." If anything, I'm utterly amazed that Marvel didn't force Shane Black to make the Ben Kingsley Mandarin the primary villain, alien rings and all. After all, that's an easy sell, especially to kids. That would make for some very easily digestible action sequences, to cap off an easily digestible, straightforward movie.

But they didn't do that. They trusted the creative talent they chose to deliver what they knew how to deliver. That is the very antithesis of the Sony/Fox mindset, which is to bully their directors into delivering villains, characters, and action sequences that they can easily sell.

So, you think Shane Black was ill-suited to direct this film? Fine. You think the film took the franchise in the wrong direction? Fine. You hate the film version of the Mandarin? Great. All perfectly acceptable positions to have. But to question the motivation of Marvel Studios, and that they actually did this to "play it safe" has no basis in reality whatsoever. Delivering a ham-fisted, alien magic-wielding maniac who wants to take over the world is the very definition of a "safe villain," which is why he was such a common villain for Iron Man in the first place. To actually have that villain be a red herring was anything but safe, and the fact it is so hotly debated is prime evidence of that.
1.) Okay, so why not just run with Ghost in Trevor's place as was intended?

2.) I didn't see an alien magic-wielding maniac in any of the trailers or TV spots; just a BAMF in green robes.

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