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Default Re: The Ongoing Serie A, La Liga, All English Football, Champions League Thread

Originally Posted by B View Post
Klopp isn't an example of a manager that is a born winner, I mean look at them domestically this season or the first 3 seasons he was in charge of Dortmund. He has lost Kagawa, will lose the wonderboy Gotze & Lewondowski in the summer, lets see how much of a born winner he is next season & see if he can rebuild a squad.. or was it a flash in the pan.
Not really arguing with you, since you make some good points regarding the comparison between Klopp and Moyes, but I believe the former has already overseen a rebuilding of Dortmund's squad in the past, when they had internationals such as Alexander Frei, Patrick Owomoyela or Nelson Valdez in the squad. He realised that those guys were getting older and would not take the club forward, so he looked to the club's youth setup and plucked Gotze, Schmelzer and Grosskreutz from there, while also bringing in talented youngsters from abroad for peanuts (Kagawa and Lewandowski, especially, come to mind), not to mention a Bayern reject who has gone on to become world-class, Mats Hummels. I honestly think he has the charisma and spirit to do it again, especially if he can get players such as Dzeko and Christian Eriksen to replace the outgoing Gotze and Lewandowski. Sure, Dortmund are probably in for a rough two or three seasons without the latter two, but I think they'll definitely be back under Klopp's guidance.

Regarding the Klopp vs Moyes debate, I think you made a point earlier that experience-wise, there isn't much difference between the two. And I mostly agree, especially because the only reason I'd have been more optimistic about Klopp's appointment as United boss would've been the more attractive playstyle he favours. But Moyes is already here, so it's a moot point basically.

Originally Posted by B
I'd have preferred Mourinho as well simply because.. he is a winner. He wins everywhere, however even Mourinho has his drawbacks. He hasn't stuck around at a club for more than 3 years in his entire managerial career. He can build a good team there is no question, but can he then rebuild it when it needs to be rebuilt.. ? Also doesn't give youth as much of a chance as Moyes for example will.. or has done with Everton anyway.

Having said all that, I'd still have taken Mourinho & perhaps I'd have my concerns with him proved wrong... but then again the same could be said for Moyes & my concerns with him could be proved wrong. Lets just hope & pray, Sir Alex Ferguson is as good a judge of manager as he is player..
I'm still hoping Jose will come to United in the future, if and when the Moyes long-term project goes awry. Perhaps when he's more settled and is actually looking for a long-term project, he'll come here to try and emulate SAF. But that's just wishful thinking at this point, and I'm actually really hoping that Moyes does well and manages to bring some quality players over the summer. Speaking of Mourinho, I have a strange suspicion that he actually won't end up at Chelsea and might actually go to PSG in the end. Seeing as Ancellotti has recently claimed that it would be hard to turn down Real Madrid, not to mention Florentino Perez's soft spot for him, I could see Jose and Carlo basically swapping positions this summer. I could be horribly wrong though, so we'll just have to wait and see.

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