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while I know I myself would have loved it if they went more spy themed and felt it made more sense with what they were talking about. the weapons weren't a bad idea. but it become the over all every thing. well I'll back track here a bit cause who's to say it was bad or not . I'm not really saying that here.

But some how I feel they shot them selves in the foot with part of that some how not going all the way through with the spy theme. but in a way sony made the same mistake with the MMO the agency and cause of their weird direction change of heading in a more military direction then spy theme, that project fell apart as well.

With EA there seem's to be this thing with any time some one approach's them with any thing spy themed they seem to ether refuse it or turn it into a more military thing.
as a bioware Executive told joystiq once.

Which is quiet puzzling with what's the deal with the management at EA and having this dislike for spy themed games? how ever ted said this was their chose for what fuse became and he even explained that focus group thing and it had nothing to do with 12 year olds in the end in that last video interview up top shows .

Some how they really dropped the ball with saying this was still secret agent themed and it's missing a alot in that respect.

As I said before in a prior post some time ago the only things left are the reviews and how it does sales wise at launch.

oh this was just put up
. Insomniac CEO On Next-Gen Goals And How Game Development ChangedBy . May 11, 2013 . 5:00pm

“It’s definitely become more complicated. Let me back that up; I think expectations from gamers have continued to rise. There is now a need to provide both a great single player experience and a fantastic multiplayer experience also.


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