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Default Re: "Flame On!" The Human Torch Thread

Wow, it's gettin' hot in here.

Some interesting comments. So it seems that the basic feeling behind support for changing the Torch's race is a change that increases inclusion without changing the basic character traits as long as the role is played by a quality actor.

So I want to ask if anyone would have a problem with some of the following changes that follow those guidelines:

- making Johnny or Ben homosexual
- Having any of the 4 played by a very tall (7' +) or very short (<5') quality actor/actress - none of the characters' personalities/powers bear any relation to their height
- having any of the parts played by quality actors/actresses who are slightly overweight to obese - see above
- having any of the roles played by quality actors/actresses with some physical deformities (missing limbs, etc.) - I could see this working really well for the Torch - in human form he has to be in a wheelchair but as the Torch, he can fly!
- changing the names of the characters to reflect more ethnicity (Sanchez, Chang, Yamata, Rajani, etc.) - on the bell curve, the Japanese are regarded as the most technologically intelligent race so having the smartest man in the world be Japanese would make sense

All of these changes would certainly go a long way towards helping the movie be more inclusive (I'm sure there are homosexuals, very tall and very short people, overweight people, people with deformities of some sort as well as people of different ethnic origin other than white people who enjoy comic books) without changing the characters' main personality traits (none of the changes listed above would affect those traits).

So is all of this fair game in an FF movie or is it only fair to change the race of characters from white to black?

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