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Default Re: "Flame On!" The Human Torch Thread

It's funny that some are being labeled "racist" for no other reason than wanting these characters to remain true to their roots.

As mentioned before, there is NO reason for War Machine to be black - other than he was black in the comics - and I suspect all those wanting to keep Johnny white would have been just as vocal if Rhodey was changed to anything but black.

I just thumbed through the first appearance of the Falcon in Captain America - it's a three issue story arc and there is no real reason for him to be African-American as the story takes place on "the Isle of the Exiles" far from US shores. BUT, I am happy he is black in the new Cap movie, and would have been disappointed if he was not true to his comic book roots.

I know folks who wanted Elektra to be [or at least look] Greek in the DD movie - not because they are "racist" but because that's the way she was in the comics.

I know it's popular these days [in the US anyway] to label those you disagree with a "racist" in hopes of shutting them up when you have no real counter argument to their position - I hope the folks here don't fall for this bully tactic.

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