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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
I wasn't trying to insult or talk down to you; I just think you missed some plot points, though.

About the start of the movie: sorry, I wasn't talking about the NYE99 scene, I was talking about the modern-day scene when Killian has an appointment with Pepper at Stark Industries. That appointment shows that Killian isn't harboring a grudge against Tony and is, in fact, approaching his company for help (through Pepper, with whom he has a deeper history than with Tony).

Killian's motives change again when Pepper says no, that Stark Industries won't help fund Extremis. Then Happy gets nosy and triggers an accidental "misfire" by an Extremis goon in LA, prompting Killian to trot out the Fake Mandarin to disguise it as a terrorist attack; which, in turn, prompts Tony to declare war on Fake Mandarin; which, in turn, prompts Killian to say in effect: "**** it, I never liked Stark anyway....he wants a war, give him a war." His motive then changes *again* when Maya reveals that Tony might actually know how to fix the Extremis problem, and it's only then that he tries to take Tony alive.

Killian's attitude and motive shifts several times in the movie, but as long as you keep up, it doesn't get confusing. That's why I find IM3 to be a very intelligent script, surprisingly so for this genre; and all the plot holes I keep reading about are actually covered nicely. You just have to look closely, and not miss a beat.
ok i can see where you are coming from and say that yeah his motivations do change i just feel that they werent that interesting to me enough to grab my attention as a character

sadly killian came across to me at least as just another pissed off business man/inventor only this time with superpowers rather than an armour. and we've already seen that done twice

like i said before i am not an mandarin fanboy that seems to have been popping up, so i'm not one of these "OMG THEY ****ED THE MANDARIN SHANE BLACK MUST DIE" guys, i just feel that the twist didnt work in the way that we (for me at least) had a great interesting build up to what seemed to be the perfect arch rivial to stark to throw it away

Originally Posted by Mario_Galaxy View Post
I love how Killian being the Mandarin is dumb and contrived, but a year ago Blake being Robin was enchanting and inspired. The reason film producers don't care that much about comic fans is because a large majority of them are ****ing clueless. Taking stands over the dumbest crap.
nah the blake to robin twist was complete ******** as well, as was the whole untrained cop taking over as batman ending

the only difference i've found is you are more likely to get an iron man fan into a civial debate than you would a batman fan who would usually lose they're **** with a white hot rage is you even question an element of a nolan film

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