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Default Re: Iron-Man: Rise of Technovore Reviews are rolling

Awful, just utterly awful.

The write up on the box sounds like an interesting movie. Stark is framed, has to clear his name. Ok, it's a smiple plot we've seen in many films, but hey, it's Iron Man doing it. But that is not the film that's contained on this disc. The film on this disc is some hacked together nonsense about some living robot boy whose a bit sad about something so humantiy must die, maybe...

I have no idea what happened. There was a cool opening with an IM/War Machine race, then an explosion, then Black Widow's boobs, then Nick Fury, then a thing happened where a house blew up, then The Punisher for some reason I'm not sure about, then Hawkeye turned up, then Stark talked to a kid, then back at SHEILD, then the kid explodes into evil, then Stark explodes, then everything is ok.

The animation ranged from wonderful to awful. The awful being those terrible CGI backgrounds they used at the start for the race. The wonderful being, well, the Punisher/Hawkeye fight was nice looking...

Yeh, this was £7 wasted on my part.

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