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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

It would be better if they use a rebooted Batman for Cavill's Superman. As much as I loved Nolan's Batman (well, at least 2/3 times), his Batman is not one that would mesh well with Superman or any other JL member. Not only is he retired, crippled, and much older than Cavill's Superman but he also never possessed the things that make Batman important to Superman and the JL. What makes Batman be able to stand side by side with Superman is his his detective skills and overall brilliant intellect, which Nolan's Batman hasn't displayed in the trilogy. The only way Nolan's Batman would work is if you water down the whole JL or if you overpower Batman, neither being options that people would be ok with.

Plus, it would be insulting to Nolan's wishes by bringing his Batman back. The only reason why he would be back at this point is money. Literally just that.

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