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Default Re: Wonder Woman Thread Reborn! - - Part 11

Originally Posted by theOVOXO View Post
Since DC is naming their solo superhero movies after the heroes nicknames(Man of Steel, Dark Knight). What title do you think they'll give Wonder Woman. I do like the title "Champion of the Amazons".
Well Man of Steel was to distinguish it from the previous Superman series and Superman Returns. Had Superman Returns been successfully received, they probably would've continued with that.

The thing is that there hasn't been a movie called "Wonder Woman" yet, whereas there has been one called Superman and one called Batman.

So for its first outing, I think it should just be called Wonder Woman. Even the first Nolan movie was called Batman Begins.

And Champion of the Amazons is a bit of a mouthful, unlike The Dark Knight or Man of Steel. It's also probably not as well known a nickname as those other two. To establish the film with audiences, its strongest name would be Wonder Woman.

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