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Default Re: Dear Kevin Feige... please don't slowly turn Marvel Studios into Fox or Sony

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Of course he was a tribute to the many side kicks Batman has had throughout the years, but a) he's not Robin and him being called that doesn't change a thing about the story, and b) it's hardly comparable to the Mandarin situation. And I don't understand how you can think people somehow weren't critical of that character, the debate raged on forever in the Bat boards (and still does) about that character's place in the last movie, some even calling it cheesy that they named dropped Robin at all. So don't make out like Chris Nolan has gotten away with anything, TDKR and IM3 have both received their fair share of angst amongst their respective fan bases for the same reason, they've both decisive films that promised a lot but didn't necessarily deliver for everyone.
In the context of "twists" it's an appropriate correlation. And I definitely think Blake being called Robin qualifies as that, since the final shot of the film both centers on him and calls back to the name of the film. I doubt it would have held the same controversy it does now if the prior scene had not taken place. Depending on how you see Nolan as a storyteller likely decided how you felt about the whole thing but regardless. There's intended emphasis on confirming Blake as Robin, or else the lady probably would have called him something else.

So I find it quite comparable to the outcry over Mandarin. Over the forums I'm seeing people debate that Pearce is Mandarin or denying it, just like with Blake and Robin. Some are loving it and some are hating, and that's of course how it goes. But I'm finding the hate and the denial for this instance of it particularly confusing. The most faithful adaptation of the Mandarin would have likely seemed out of place and a bit of a bore in a series already infamous for clunky third acts. I realize Black seemed kind of insulting in how he said it but I agree in just having no interest in a stereotypical fu manchu wearing Asian with silly rings. Especially after the..."grounded"... or technology driven image they've been building up with this series. If you don't like the execution of it, again that's subjective. But to act like it's such a fall from grace for the character is being dramatic.

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