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Originally Posted by Mr.M View Post
What if the event is the birth of Jean Grey? Sort of repetitive in that John Connor mode, but think about it. A mutant more powerful than Xavier and Magneto? Albeit how would anybody know that of an infant? The event ensuing from the end of TLS is the creation of the Sentinels. Maybe if she is killed off at birth, the war against mutants would never escalate to the point where Sentinels are required. But given the premise of Nixon and the Washington D.C backdrop movie has going for it, it will probably be politically motivated.
That is actually pretty interesting. What if it isn't the X-Men who are trying to alter time/space? In the comics, Bishop wanted to kill Hope (when she was a baby) because he thought she was what created his awful timeline. What if Bishop is the one that goes back with a nefarious plan and it's up to the future X-Men to follow him somehow and stop him?

However, I still want a political conspiracy story to be the impetus.

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