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Default Re: Hot Toys Dark Knight Stuff

Originally Posted by Raindog421 View Post
That is a awesome custom! I had no idea that exclusive mask was actual mask that could go on a head. Thought it was just a prop. I don't have the 2.0, but want to buy just the mask now for this same project. Hopefully this exclusive isn't as expensive on ebay as the other I am looking for. That kryptonite for Superman has some crazy prices.
There's a mask up right now from seller mytoys_box for about 25 bucks after shipping. Many others are listed at absolute ridiculous prices for a simple mask.

I used a Jake Gyllenhal head for underneath. It fits perfectly with no fuss. Not sure how it will fir over other heads but Jake's sculpt has the right hair color and length so it was a no-brainer.

The navy blue suit I got from seller meizijituan01 in China. It took about 2 or 3 weeks to get here but it was very worth it. I have the Bank Robber Joker figure as well and the quality of the suit is very similar which I didn't find when I compared with other 1/6 scale suits. Cost was about $34.

As for the body and shoes... I got em as a package deal with the Gyllenhal head. It was a unique item from the seller so they don't have anymore. But it should be easy to find an affordable one.

I also skipped on the all black shirt... But I'll probably get one eventually because the dyed shirt doesn't look right. I half-assed sculpted his red/silver horse tie clip so I have to find a nice replacement for it eventually. If you have suggestions I'd appreciate it!

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