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Default Re: Should Fox pull a "Star Wars" with X3 & Wolverine?

I think it could be a very a bad idea to change plot points in the previous movies. It will just confuse the audience if suddenly Rogue doesn't take the cure, or Cyclops/Xavier doesn't get vaporised. People will be asking which versions of the films are canon.

Singer will correct stuff in DoFP and probably still correct other stuff in the next film after that. Better to work with what's been done than try to pretend it didn't happen.

It could well be that the scenarios with Rogue being cured and Xavier being blown up are depicted as part of an alternate timeline anyway, so that gets rid of those things straight away without the cost and fuss of recutting the movies.

They should never have cured Rogue, killed Cyclops and Xavier or stuffed the Cure and Phoenix plots into one movie with virtually no connection between the two storylines. And I say that as someone who is not one of the bitter haters of The Last Stand. It's obvious by the poor legs of TLS, the mixed reviews and the audience turn-off affecting the next two films that several elements of X3 were not clever things to do.

Even with Paquin's limited availability in X3, they could still have shown the alternative scene of her NOT taking the cure. And they could have deployed Cyclops in a much better way.

Thankfully, Rothman has gone but we do still have Kinberg on board and he is still an unknown quantity because all we have to go on as far as X-Men credentials is the X3 script. Hopefully, Bryan Singer will filter out anything that has a whiff of The Last Stand about it.

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