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Default Re: Dr. Lecter Invites you to Dinner. The ''Hannibal'' Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
If the show is canceled, I am not going to worry: chances are, it will get picked up by another network. In context of Hannibal, ideally, it might be one of the premium networks, as the only other network that would accept the content - AMC - would be detrimental to the program, considering its treatment of creative personnel.
I'm wondering if A&E might pick it up. They are doing wonders with Bates Motel. Hannibal, I'm pretty sure, is getting the ratings they'd be seeking. And they could have them one right after another and make a line-up out of it. If I was Fuller, I would seriously target A&E because I think they have a very strong chance to be picked up there.

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