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Default Re: Discussion: Gay Rights XIII

I think the term has been thrown around loosely without any regard for its meaning.

It is defined as:
Homophobia – Intense hatred or fear of homosexuals.

For MOST it has nothing to do with fear or even hatred They simply DISAGREE with the lifestyle. I don’t agree with it either. You are going to find there are a lot of things in life where we all don’t agree.

I remember a long while back I had a girlfriend that was a hardcore vegan. I didn’t agree with her lifestyle and she didn’t agree with my view of it, but that didn’t stop us from having mutual respect for each others opinions. She didn’t expect either of us to compromise our beliefs in order to agree with the other. We agreed to disagree.

Keep in mind, I love meat…but I didn’t force her to eat at a BBQ place with me because I felt her lifestyle was wrong. In the same way she didn’t try to force me to her political events in order to get more rights for vegans and an assortment of other political motivations. She didn’t expect me to go there because she knew I didn’t agree. Same for her with my events.

I think I’ve used this theme enough now…sorry, I’m hungry.

On a side note...anyone who thinks that a majority of people who don't agree with homosexuality are homophobes than obviously by that logic it could be said that a majority of people who disagree with Christianity (or other religions) suffer from Zeusophobia.

Beliefs - Christian. Anti-Republican. Anti-Gun. Complete separation of church and state. Freedom of speech. Freedom to practice any religion in public. Less focus on foreign lands and more focus on our own problems.

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