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Default Re: Discussion: Gay Rights XIII

No, I'm definitely homophobic. As I would argue are most straight people. Well it's not like a fear of the color yellow, but it is something of a phobia (an irrational fear). I.e. homophobes (with rare exception) don't run away when they see two men holding hands.

I think most humans are homophobic, or at least a sizable chunk. I think it may be an evolutionary mechanism of some sort. A genetic disinclination. I'm surprised there hasn't been more scientific study into it.

What I did find fascinating was that apparently gay people have the same reaction to heterosexuality (or displays of it). It makes them uncomfortable. Although since they're taught from birth that it's the norm, it's probably subdued.

With the religions and their homophobic sentiment, I think it's a chicken egg situation. People aren't homophobic because of a Bible passage. It's the other way around.

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