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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by Crimson King View Post
Definitely. We need to see Hank before we see Ultron. There's no emotional connection unless we do.
i hate to bring this up again but they really have created a hurdle for Pym/Ultron by having Stark demonstrate so many tech feats. to the general audience, Stark is exactly who would be inadvertently creating Ultron, at this point. that first scene with his armor "making out" with Pepper has "what if the armors took on a life of their own" scenario built into it. his armor's sophistication is just a step away from Ultron. then you factor in that Robert Downey jr may be on his way out.

creating and being the one to destroy Ultron seems like an attractive/emotional blaze of glory for the character. motivation: Tony forsees a day when he and his intelligence won't be around to aid the Avengers. his control freak nature compels him to create some kind of backup Iron Man. his creation comes to see him as its father. and it fits because we haven't seen Tony's mother in the movies. it's always his dad. he never got to say goodbye to his emotionally distant father. Ultron's motivation could easily be wanting to please his father but being so screwed up in the "head" that taking over the world is how it goes about it.

mind you, i think this would suck. Pym should get his chance. but i think they've made it difficult for him. they've stepped on his story a bit. Banner's the tragic pacifist scientist w/ emotional issues. Stark's the eccentric genius with daddy issues and, in the last one, PTSD. they even replaced Jarvis with an artificial intelligence. what have they left Hank?

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