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Default Re: Who owns the rights to the Kingpin?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Ah, right, I had forgotten about Mutant X. Granted, that's a more clear cut case than I was really pondering ( seriously, it totally was an X-Men clone intended to bypass the rights issue ), but clearly Fox considered their rights to encompass live action TV.

Can someone clarify something for me regarding Mutant X? I had always heard Mutant X was supposed to originally spin-off of the first X-Men film---(I've read a few things over the years that originally the characters would wear uniforms, had code names, etc.)...but FOX and the lawsuits started and most of the X-Related stuff was scrapped and changed with the only thing somewhat remaining was that the team had their version of the "X-Jet"......I due remember the first season had a disclaimer with regards to X-Men though.

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