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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
The passage of time depicted after the stock exchange hit where it goes from noon to overcast to dusk to night is a mess. Compare that with Skyfall, when Bond arrives it is overcast, as Bond prepares for the siege on his mansion the light is beginning to fade, Sllva arrives at dusk, Silva raises the siege while the sky darkens degree by degree in each shot, until finally the mansion is blown to golden smolder against the now pitch black sky. The passage of day to night takes place over a period of fifteen minutes and everything is gradual and sensible. It really makes the editing of Rises look downright amateur in comparison.
What a great example from Skyfall you pointed out here. You're 100% right. It just doesn't feel like time is moving at a normal or even a structured pace in TDKR.

I will say this though, I was there at the Stock exchange shoot and it was raining like CRAZY that day, it was all sorts of terrible weather. Part of that could have affected the outcome.

Originally Posted by Tequilla View Post
How long is that scene comparing to the moment after the stock exchange its and we know what time is ? A little different right ? More time , you have the ability to transition smoothly.

And i dont thinks that's an editing problem. Thats a problem straight from the conception. The hours of a stock exchange and how they wanted to use a lot of black in that chase scene. In a bunch of minutes they cant transition any way that looks good. Either they choose to present the chase at night , or not. That's not being amateur. That's a simple decision.
It's kind of an editing problem but more of a continuity problem. They shot the Stock Exchange in NYC during the Day but the chase in L.A. at night but either didn't think, or purposely didn't shoot during dusk. So essentially the scene goes from being 3 in the afternoon to about 11 pm within a matter of seconds.

If they had only put a few shots of the sun going down it would have flowed a little better. The joke is that Batman goes into a tunnel during the day and comes out and it's night but the tunnel never seems to be very long and since we don't see him enter the tunnel it really affects how we assume what time it is prior.

The shot before the tunnel is still daytime. Then inside the tunnel, then they leave and it's night.

There's no sensible way to correct this using imagination, especially cause we know Gotham is only SO big. There's no way the sun could have completely started setting and have set that fast.

One could say it jumps time but then how long was the chase all together? Hours? it certainly doesn't feel that long and if you think about it it seems a lot less fast paced if the chase lasted 2 hours.

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