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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
Fair enough. I don't see it that way though. I also had no problems with Gordon's stance in the story or Selina's. It needed to serve the story, not "we have to do some insane stuff for Gordon to do because he's Commissioner Gordon", he had more to do in TDK because that's what that story called for. TDKR didn't call for it. We may disagree on that, and that's fine. Gordon in this movie still had more to do than the Burton/Shumacher movies, so not going to complain.
I don't see that as true because TDKR half asses stuff to do with Gordon.

He has a triumphant moment where he saves himself in the hospital.

Is the only one who will investigate Bane

Runs a small rebellion against Bane during the siege

Saves all of Gotham by stopping the Bomb the first time.

It's clear they wanted to give Gordon something to do in this story and that he was important to the story but they do it superficially. Instead of him getting something meaningful to do he gets a few action scenes and a subplot that's ignored for most of the film.

Think on how interesting it would have been to watch the rebellion battle Bane's Mercs. It's hinted at in some promotional material (i.e. 'Arrest on Sight' photo) and even in the film when Gordon says: "I have to get on Television" but Blake warns against it. The point was to have a hero in Gotham during the siege and that would be Gordon but the movie glances over it. To make matters worse it has that "triumphant" moment where the Special Forces agents comes into the kitchen and lo and behold it's Gordon whose there...but so what? We literally saw nothing of Gordon's actions during the time flips.

There was so much potential but it's half presented. Much like the entire characters of Foley and Jen

I didn't really need the time jumps to be explained personally, but I will say that it would have been cool if the movie was longer and did go into the details. I get that criticism even though it didn't affect me.
I didn't need them explained. I understood them it just wasn't good.

I would love to see a director's cut that put the film to about 3 hours. A good half hour extra, of the 5 months of prison time + the reactions of the people in Gotham when it was under siege AND more violent actions taking place to the rich people, etc. Things that could only make it onto a Blu-ray release. Not counting some of Bane's origins. Simple things like showing him traveling across mountains, reading books and showing his intellect and of course a couple of shot of Bane training with Ra's. These are things that weren't necessary for me but it would be an incredible extra to have.

Just 20/25 minutes of extra footage.

But the rest of the complaints don't really sit well with me. I just don't see them like some of you do.
While I agree more time could have helped, they could have trimmed down somethings and beefed up some others to make the film we got better in it's existing time.

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