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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by The_Raganork View Post
No...I don't agree.

Once they're in the Stock Exchange time outside can pass in almost anyway. There's an indeterminate time between the first Gunshot and them leaving. They aren't doing anything timed until the latter half of being inside the stock exchange.

So holding the captives COULD have taken hours. If they had shown a few shots of Foley outside waiting for whatever he was waiting for and it was becoming increasingly darker then the whole thing would have made more sense.

So I call it a continuity problem. They shot one half during the day and the other half at night and didn't bother to think of the downtime in the middle.
Hmmm....again No. But i understood your point. You didnt understand the mechanics of the scene maybe ? I dont know. Something like that. Or i didnt made myself clear You certainly know stock exchanges close at specific times. Here in Europe and in the US its usually at 16.00 .

So with that in do you transition between , lets say 15.54 of Bane's plan (and it must happen before the stock closes) the 5 minutes it takes to upload ....and night ?

You can't transition. If they are there for hours he doesnt go mobile. Or he doesnt execute his plan. Or maybe he would have gone during the day.

The moment they chose a particular setting...a stock exchange , and a night chase scene they simply cant put both following one another without looking broke. It's a conception problem.

Continuity is mismatches in positions and gradings. Not the architectures of the scene.

You've wrote time in that scene is very indeterminate , when actually its the most determinate. You know Bane's time to upload , and you know its a Stock. Basic time inputs that give you every single information about when it starts and when it ends.

Its broken because its misconceived . Or , rephrasing it , because night compositions with the Batman look frigging gorgeous.

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