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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - - - Part 14

Originally Posted by The_Raganork View Post
This shouldn't factor into it. I always feel if you have to get as far as rationalizing something based on minute details like: "When does the stock exchange really close" then the film hasn't done it's job presenting itself as a world in itself.

People shouldn't have to rely on their knowledge of how a real stock exchange works for a scene that had almost nothing to do with the actual workings of a stock exchange.
Ok. Now we are in the knowledge department. Ok . I understand that. But since Nolan is typical continuity editing director , he establishes before going to action. So before everything starts we actually get an...established shot of the stock. From the outside . We know what time in the day is. We are then shown the plan , the necessity to go mobile , so still time is very well positioned.

You said they could have been there for hours. Well they certainly couldn't , because it had to happen before the stock got closed. This i dont think you have to be "knowledgeable".

So ...its always a conceptual problem. Not a continuity one. A continuity problem would be during the chase time went day-night-day. Thats a continuity problem.

He could have broken the stock mechanics yeah. They go there during the night , what about that ? It wouldn't make a lick of sense , but there also wouldn't be abrupt transitions between dusk and night in there. Better ? Off course not.

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