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Default Re: Iron Man 3 vs Man Of Steel

Just because they didn't exaggerate his intelligence doesn't mean he was dumb as bricks. That's a bit harsh, no? I think they can play up the "paranoia" angle that we saw with the sonar machine and fusion reactor if Bale's Batman were ever to hypothetically share the screen with Cavill's Superman in a WF movie. Always having a contingency plan, that sorta thing. Alas, that won't be happening.

Anyway, at this rate I'd be very surprised if Man of Steel wasn't very well-received. I'm even hearing that Star Trek Into Darkness is doing some things that not all fans are going to like (the first one had its haters with certain Trekkies too), so in terms of pure "fanboy love" Man of Steel has a decent shot to rise to the top this summer. Unless of course there's some unthinkable change to the mythos we don't know about yet.

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