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Default Re: Who owns the rights to the Kingpin?

Originally Posted by animex View Post
so why doesn't Disney just kill the X-men in printed form? the books created interest in the films, so without the books, people would eventually lose interest
There's minimal overlap between the comic book reading audience and the movie-going public. Stopping publication of X Men books would cut off a small, but steady revenue stream for Disney/Marvel and upset loyal readers without having any impact on movie rights.

Disney controls the merchandise rights for the X-Men films, so you won't see the shelves stacked with merchandise or the valuable corporate tie-ins we've seen in the MCU films and Man of Steel. The X films peaked back in 2006, and Disney/Marvel's best play is to hope the box office drop continues with The Wolverine (I think it will), and that Days of Future Past doesn't revitalize the franchise.

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