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Default Re: Rebecca Buller IS Jenny Olsen in Man of Steel

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
I would be okay with that, but, if so, does anyone else get the impression that Superman/Clark is a little too surrounded by women in this movie? His surviving parent is Ma Kent, they seem to be really be developing the relationship with Lois, and Jenny would be his chum. By the time he becomes Superman, Clark doesn't really seem to have any close relationships with other men. He can't hang out with Pa Kent, have a beer, and ask advice like he did Post-Crisis/Pre-New52 and, apparently, Pete Ross is a bully rather than a friend. Sure, there appears to be the Jor-El hologram, but that isn't exactly a grounded, human relationship. Seems a bit lonely and isolated in a way. He doesn't really have anyone to connect with about being a man. But then again, if Superman/Clark looks like Henry Cavill, I guess it makes sense that he is constantly mobbed by women.
How dare you forget about Dr. Hamilton and Col. Hardy!!

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