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Default Re: Rebecca Buller IS Jenny Olsen in Man of Steel

Originally Posted by DarthSkywalker View Post
Or made that character better.
As I argued below, it is hard to see how:

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
Yeah, I'm not the biggest fan of Jimmy being changed to Jenny. My favourite interpretation of Jimmy is as Clark/Superman's one true real friend. I'm not saying that a heterosexual man can't have a meaningful platonic friendship with a heterosexual woman, but Hollywood never seems to allow that to happen. Chloe from Smallville is the perfect example of that. They never let her and Clark truly be platonic friends. She started off having a crush on him and being friend-zoned by his love for Lana and they messed around with the idea of them together a little bit. I just feel like there is a better chance of them not screwing up the Jimmy-Clark relationship if they just left him a heterosexual man. There would be less of temptation for the writers to add in something romantic between Jenny and Clark or something in a sequel for unnecessary romantic drama.
Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
That is the thing though, it takes away from Jimmy's relationship to Clark if you make Jenny a more Lois-centric character. Also, if this film is about Clark/Superman finally finding a home/acceptance, then the idea of him finally finding a true friend in Jimmy is especially meaningful. I mean Clark doesn't seem to have fit in as a child. The Junior Novel really underlines that fact and even Pete Ross has been re-imagined as one of his bullies. I know Clark will be finding larger acceptance as Superman, but I really like the idea of him finding acceptance at the Planet. It is a great way to show the theme of modern cities being big, diverse communities where everyone has a place and a group of people who are like them. They might pull that off with Jenny, but as I mentioned in my post above, I have little faith in Hollywood being able to handle platonic male-female relationships successfully.

Moreover, it is probably more empowering for Lois if Jimmy/Jenny looks up to her and is a man. It means that Lois is not just a role model for other women but that she has transcended gender boundaries and is a role model for all aspiring journalists.

Oh well. As long as they do a job with the relationships, I'll be happy. I just think it could have been better the other way around.
Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
I have to agree on the gender issue. There is a certain difference in a friendly relationship where you know that both of you will never be attracted to each other. I have plenty of platonic female friends and I'm in a committed relationship, but even still, the "what if?" thought will pop into my head just out of curiosity. But maybe, I'm just an oversexed young man like DaJanksta.
I know to some being upset over changing Jimmy's gender seems like sexist, kneejerk reactions, but there are a lot of legitimate reasons to be concerned.

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