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Default Re: Rebecca Buller IS Jenny Olsen in Man of Steel

Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
As I argued below, it is hard to see how:

I know to some being upset over changing Jimmy's gender seems like sexist, kneejerk reactions, but there are a lot of legitimate reasons to be concerned.
Yeah, I agree, if the character of Jenny was/is meant to be a replacement for the character of "Jimmy Olsen", it wouldn't feel like the change in mythology was an inspired one.

I mean it's one thing to cast an actor or actress of a different ethnic background from what fans have normally seen the said character portrayed as within comics or past incarnations (Idris Elba as Heimdell, Lawrence as Perry White, Daniel Henney as Agent Zero, Celina Jade as Shado (the character is originally portrayed as Japanese within comics but Chinese within her live action debut in Arrow), etc.

However, it's a completely different thing when changing the gender of any mythological/canon character. And I don't think it has anything to do with sexism since I'd say the same thing if any well known female characters were changed into Male characters.

I mean, imagine what it'd be like if they turned Harley Quinn into a male character instead, how that would change the dynamics of the relationship between Harley's character and the Joker.

And for other reasons, Jimmy is like the only real male friend that Clark has within Metropolis, and was his best man at his wedding as well I believe; he's practically like a younger brother to Clark.

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