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Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
I wont buy the whole depressed Charles, if thats the route Singer goes. Charles could have been depressed the very next weeks after FC events, maybe a few months.

but 11 years? sorry, but that doesnt make sense. At least that isnt the Charles Xavier we all know from the comics. He is a much stronger character than that.

So I hope this new look has a different and better explanation.
I think it would have been the opposite actually; IMO in the first weeks or even months after FC events Charles would have been putting on a brave face and acting all "I'm ok", until his undealt with trauma caught up with him bad. And someone like Charles would have been terrible at asking for help or opening up to someone.

There could be more stuff on top of it but I don't think that depression has some kind of timer to it.

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