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Default Re: New Live Action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie In The Works? - Part 3

Originally Posted by Merlo View Post
I hope that the movie doesn't devote too much time to crappy TMNT characters. THE MOVIE MUST HAVE ENOUGH ACTION TO BALANCE OUT THE BORING STUFF THAT HAPPENS WHEN NO ACTION IS INVOLVED. Sorry for the caps guys. I'm not interested in crap like April's boss, or Vernon or Irma (if she's in it that is), the movie being pretty serious without being too serious is a must to me.

I really hope this is the epic some of us have been waiting for for years. One that is on a bigger scale with plenty of mutants.
To have an epic, you need characters your audience cares about. Otherwise you've got a movie bloated with fluff. I would like less Raph/Leo conflict and more stuff from Mike and Donnie. If they give Mike his love of superheroes, there could be an arc where Mike tries to act like a superhero, maybe to save someone dear to him, and it goes horribly wrong. Donnie could have an arc where he tries to rely wholly on his science rather than ninjitsu and science.

The burden of leadership, growing lax after becoming a successful leader, and being dragged back into the reality of a leader's responsibilities is a good arc for Leo.

IDK about Raph. Suggestions?

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