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Default Re: Batman Beyond Franchise

I think a more appropriate modification to Terry would to have him in a local college. That way he's old enough to be Batman - but also have him still maintaining a social life and trying to juggle taking care of his family.

To be honest tho - there was once a quote in the series when he told Bruce, "I'm trying to make up for past sins." which I always thought was great. I feel like maybe they should delve more into that of Terry being a terrible kid and trying to undo everything he's done.

Maybe make him part of the Joker gang at one point and have him inadvertantly be involved with his fathers death? I always felt like Powers should have just employed the Jokerz to do the job instead of just framing them. Idk - however you spin it - the Joker Gang aspect being somehow involved with his father's death is what incites his turnaround.

- Jow

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