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Default Re: Classsic Batman TV series action figures

Originally Posted by Bathead View Post
Where did you see that? I've seen no indication they were Movie Masters, the only designation I've seen is "Batman Classic TV Series".
Whatever they are they are 6" figs. Same articulations as the Movie Master line. I saw in a earlier post you said something about excitement over these. Well, I may not have been alive when this show aired originally but I was 13 in 1989 when the show started airing again. That 36 hour marathon that was on FX may have been one of the best weekends of my life.
I am totally stoked over these. I have cases ordered of all this stuff. Have a merchant license so can get a bit cheaper. I only mention that because I am only getting 2$ cheaper than the 15.99 amazon deal. That is the cheapest you will see these so I would jump on that deal.

Not on subject but I didn't find the Arkham figure thread. But for anyone who missed out on Bane. In October they are scheduled to release 2 packs of Arkham figures. Batman and Bane for 60$ I believe is the retail price. So for 60$ you can get the 300$ Bane and get Batman with him. The first link below is about the fall dc collectibles releases.

The second link below is about the 2nd Hot Toys Jack Nicholson Joker figure. The MIME JOKER

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