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Default Re: Star Wars vs. Avengers 2 (2015)

I would say Avengers 2, as well. The Star Wars film has a few things going against it:

1. The Prequel Trilogy. It is going to take a lot to wash the terrible taste of the trilogy away.
2. Age. If they go forward with the alleged casting, then the film is going to have the casting go against it as well: time has not been kind to Fisher and Hamill; Abrams would be wise to not have them involved in any fight scenes. Ford, on the other hand, can pull it off, as he running the fine line that Hamill and Fisher fell off of.
3. Destruction of the Expanded Universe. Sure, some people are happy it is gone, but to those who actively purchased EU products - books, films, comics, and video games-the fact that the texts they enjoyed are no longer in continuity is inflammatory. Hell, I am almost tempted to sell/throw out most of my SW books and associated merchandise because of this decision.

Of course, the film will inevitably gross hundreds of millions, with the automatons who supported the prequel trilogy filling the seats once more. Chances are Abrams is going to get a home run, if not bunt the ball. It is just that the film has a lot going against it before pre-production is completed.

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