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Default Re: X2: X-Men United - 10 YEARS!

As fan of the comic, I do have niggles with the first two X-Men films. The over-reliance on Wolverine, Cyclopes not having much at all to do. Storm being boring...but they are still very well constructed films and I try not to let my love of the source affect me to much. If I did that I would hate most comic book films!

For every character I wish had more to do, my favorites get awesome treatment. Prof. X and Magneto are great in these films, Wolverine is wonderfully cast. Rogue (although de-powered) is a sympathetic character. I still love the first two x-Men films. Ya I would change some things, but it still feels like X-Men to me.

But I will give cred where cred is due because Vaughn finally managed to really get the TEAM dynamic of the comic down. As screwed as the continuity of First Class is (I honestly don't care, it works) it's the first X-Men film to get its about being a team.

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