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Default Re: The All Encompassing AQUAMAN Movie Thread

Aquaman/Orin/Arthur Curry - Jai Courtney (Jack Reacher, Spartacus, A Good Day to Die Hard)

Mera - Amanda Seyfried (Les Miserables, Big Love, Veronica Mars)

Orm - Ben Foster (The Messenger, 3:10 to Yuma, Rampart)

Queen Atlanna - Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking, Thelma & Louise, Cloud Atlas)

Vulko - Brendan Gleeson (Braveheart, The Guard, Gangs of New York)

Atlan/Some Magic Expert Character* - Richard Ayoade (IT Crowd)

King Trevis - Jeremy Irons (Reversal of Fortune, The Borgias, Die Hard with a Vengeance). He'd only be in the first movie

Tom Curry - Jim Caviziel (Person of Interest, The Count of Monte Cristo, Passion of the Christ). He'd appear in flashbacks in the first film

Black Manta/David - Nate Parker (Red Tails, Great Debaters, Arbitage)

How I would do the story:

-Basically Arthur's Modern Age origin with some modifications. Arthur is the son of King Trevis and Queen Atlanna. Due to the dangerous power struggles he is placed on Mercy Reef in Florida as a child and found by Tom Curry. He is raised human. (more on that in the next films)
-Arthur has quite a temper and ends up being kicked out of the Navy (which Tom used to be in)
-Eventually maybe 5 years before the main timeline of the movie starts, Tom Curry goes missing. Finding what happened to Tom drives Arthur more then anything. Arthur spends 5 years travelling/drifting around looking for his father. IN those 5 years, he does stop sea crimes such as piracy, whaling, etc. but he does so in secret.
-Arthur's journey leads him to Atlantis where the last 2 acts of the story take place.
-Orm would be the villain, although he'd just be pulling the strings. The Trench would be the upfront villains threatening to destroy the world
-King Trevis would be killed sometime during this movie
-Instead of Mera being from another dimension she'd just be from another underwater kingdom somewhere else in the world
-I put Ayodle as a wizard, possibly Atlan, because I think an interesting aspect could be the difference/debate between old school magic (Ayoade's character) and science (Gleeson as Vulko) . I think that could be interesting and could be used to show why Orm is so powerful as he is an expert both

Aquaman 2 (Idk what to call it. King of Atlantis, King of the Seas, King Orin...idk)
-Picks up 1 year later. Arthur and Mera would have a kid.
-I'd have this movie take place in multiple places in the Ocean
-Black Manta would be introduced. His origin would be partly based on the new 52 where a younger Arthur killed his father when he was stopping a pirate raid before he became Aquaman). His suit would be based on Atlantean technology and given to him by Orm
-Orm would be revealed as the Big Bad of the trilogy
-Arthur's origin would actually be revealed to be different from what he was told. He would be revealed to be the half human/half Atlantean son of Tom Curry and Atlanna (which is actually his Silver Age origin). Orm would use it against him and it would also explain why Arthur could
-Arthur would lose his hand like he did in the DCAU, he cuts it off in order to save his son. But honestly I would make it even darker. I'd have him cut it off, but not in time to save the baby. However that would probably be WAY too dark than a studio is willing to go in a PG13 summer/winter tentpole. Arthur would get the hook hand.
-At the end of the story, Arthur is usurped from his throne and banished along with Mera. Vulko, Ayoade's character, and Atlanna would be imprisoned.

Aquaman 3 (again idk the title)
-Picks up a bit later with Arthur and Mera in exile up in Amnesty Bay. Both severely depressed/broken
-The villain would still be Orm and he would be ruling Atlantis, but he wouldnt be doing a good job of it. Kind of like Scar in Lion King. He got the throne but is running the kingdom into the ground.
-The new villain would be some Lovcraftian, old, demon thing. Similar to Ichthultu in JLU (who is based on Cthulhu). Only thing king of Atlantis has a chance of controlling/stopping him. But because Orm sucks as a king, people are worried that the monster will destroy everything.
-So somebody, either Ayoade's character or Vulko, would break out of prison to get Arthur to return to Atlantis and take his place as king and defeat Orm and the monster
-Arthur would get his water hand
-I definetly want a scene similar to Orm's death in the DCAU when instead of Arthur grabbing his brother's hand, he grabs the Trident of Poseidon and lets Orm fall.

Some other notes:
-I'd have Atlantis be like the Gungan city. With all the buildings encased in domes/spheres
-Atlanteans, when in the water, would communicate through telepathy
-I'd keep a lot of the trilogy underwater. That's one thing that really sets Aquaman apart from 99% of other heroes in DC and MArvel and they should explore that
-THey should really explore the idea that Aquaman is a King of over 70 percent of the Earth.
-In Atlantis there would be multiple races, not just human looking beings
-I'd have Arthur switch his look up between movies:

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