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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
Not to mention The Hunger Games. She may not be the sole protagonist but Lawrence as Katniss is certainly the main draw for about 95% of the viewing audience for that franchise.

Also, Silver Linings Playbook - I mean, she did just win the best actress Oscar not even five months ago. So to say Lawrence can't carry a movie or be a main draw for one is really silly. She may not be at her peak yet but she has certainly arrived on the scene and established her star power.
I already stated why I din't include The Hunger Games. THG was what brought her into stardom and she was not the reason the movie made so much money. It's like saying Hugh was a star and carried the first X-Men movie when of the lot he was probably the most unknown with both Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry much more familiar with audiences. Just because you part of a successful movie does not make you the reason the movie was successful. Which is what 'carrying' a movie means.

Also just because you are an Oscar winner doesn't make you a bankable star. Mira Sorvino won an Oscar you know. Don't see her carrying big budget movies and drawing audiences.

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