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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion - Part 3

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
1) Because the four returning were arguably the four main leads from the first movie? Not to mention, since we know there's a 10 year span between this and First Class - who knows what happened?

2) We've been told repeatedly the bulk of the story takes place in 1973, so that would mean the returning characters are probably playing roles maybe a little bigger than cameos but certainly not starring, lead character roles like they did in their original movies.

It's also already been said that the focus is still squarely on the First Class actors by many people from the production.
1) Obviously they were the main four leads. I'm asking why they are the ONLY ones from that movie returning. I would argue that Havok, Banshee, and Emma Frost clearly still had parts to play. Those four cannot comprise the entire lead cast, not in a movie like this. Especially when only TWO of those characters are X-Men. X2 didn't get rid of more than half the cast from X1.

2) That's not what I've been consistently hearing. I've never heard anyone on the production say the focus is "squarely on the First Class actors." In fact, what I've heard from people on the production is that Hugh Jackman has a very sizable role and that time travel/displacement is the crux of the story. Sounds like a LOT more than a cameo.

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