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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

New technologies are being develop and advancing every 3-6 hours every day. It is absolutely incredible to what are being develop and how we are actually using those items around us to create and are so intertwined with nature to imitate and create something bigger and better using science knowledge and applied engineering. I come and visit this forum and the web fluid everyday and I just love all the heart you guys are putting into this project. Spiderman been around for almost 53 years and he is still inspiring young scientists and researcher into studying and developing new technology that can help better mankind... Create a better, safer society. Or hell maybe just to be like spider man. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that everybody has dreams.. Why not follow them? I, myself have been taking a whole new perspective and approach on the project itself. In Aug I will move in on campus in Greensboro College Life!! And will have access to numerous high tech labs professional knowledge from scientist and researcher and an unlimited access to resources I'm very excited to go to college and continue to be a contributor to this on going project.

P.S- Bad news about my "daughter". DNA test proves that 99.99% of my DNA is not merged with hers... Been a rough couple of months. But I'm back on my feet and ready to go above and beyond and helping and contributing to this project
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