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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

Originally Posted by Wadaltmon View Post
Thanks for following us man! Good to know we're not too mad scientist. Nice job on college; maybe you can get resources for this project over there. Thanks for coming back.
By the way, about your daughter... basically, you had a DNA test done, and she's not your daughter? Ouch... that's rough, man. Wish you well while all that is going on. Hope to talk to you soon.
Yeah. With White Widow gone somebody has to keep an eye on you guys!! But yeah that the idea. I will be studying applied engineering technology as my major and biotech as a minor so hopefully I get all the resources I can get. And yeah... It's been tough. But like I said gotta make bygones be bygones. Life too short to hold grudges eh? That chapter in my life is closed, locked and burned. But anywho, My approach on this project is totally different but to try to get the big picture, I'm thinking of creating something that's has the same characteristic of the symbiote and its webbing properties. Taking aspects from carnage and venom. I'm thinking of actually creating a nanotech "smart substance" that can form web type lines, safety nets.. Grappling hook, hand cuffs.. But can also have offensive properties such as creating rigid spikes to pin a enemy to the wall or using the substance itself to help create "talons on the hands and feet to scale walls and move silently... Can be quite applicable in today's Military and or espionage company's and etc... Currently a concept of what I'm thinking. It's a long shot though, but I never say its impossible

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