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Default Re: The New Stuff I Got Thread Reboot - Part 2

Originally Posted by Thwip! View Post
Mo#*^$ F^&*!$
yeah, Chameleon and Spot were to be in the last wave of Spider-man classics under toybiz before they canceled the line

fun fact, that's the 2nd time it happened to spot... who had the same thing happen in the 90s when it was finally his turn to get a figure

Villain Series

Rereleased Villains from the Classic line. Only villains are in this series.
One (2005)
Green Goblin
Tail Attack Lizard
Tail Strike Scorpion
Ultimate Rhino

Two (Cancelled)
The Demogoblin was released in Hasbro's Spider-Man: Origins toyline. As expected, Demogoblin is simply a repaint of the first Hobgoblin figure from Wave two of ToyBiz's Spider-Man series.
Venom (Marvel Knights Version)
Punisher [blue repaint]
Buzzing Beetle [blue silver repaint]


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