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Originally Posted by flickchick85 View Post
No problem! I wasn't a fan of the series until the reboot either, but after I enjoyed that one so much I went back and watched some of the original series and the Kirk/Spock movies. While I wouldn't say I loved them, I definitely developed an appreciation for them. This one has a lot more references to the old stuff than the first one did, so that knowledge did enhance my enjoyment of it, but considering the response from the friend I saw it with (who has seen NONE of the old Trek and completely loved STID) and the casual fan like me, I think this one might be a case of playing better for the newbies than for the old Trekkies.
I can definitely see that being the case. The old guard reviews I have read that dislike the film still tend to say that it is a well crafted piece of entertainment, just very bad Trek.

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