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Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
Very true. It makes me worry that Goyer took Nolan's motto of trying to make the best movie you can and not worrying about saving anything for the sequels a a bit TOO seriously.

I kind of hope that there is no robot army (if it hasn't yet been confirmed). The Black Zero and the Kryptonian survivors seems like plenty of opposition.

I mean at first I thought we were just going to get a simple super-scaled showdown between Superman and Zod/Faora, with no Kryptonian armor or technology factoring into the equation. That way, if the sequel went with brainiac, it would feel like a fresh approach with him since Brainiac could bring upon the Spaceships, technology, and robot army.

But now? It's like they went all out, heck, I'm not sure if I should be expecting Luther to fight Superman in a power suit for future sequels since it might come off as repetitive after having seen Superman do the same against Zod while he's wearing a powered suit.

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