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Originally Posted by Naite22 View Post
I actually had a dream last night. I Swear this is a true one!
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

I was seeing MOS in the theater, and it was of course a thing of beauty! Anyways. In the final battle-sequence Zod and superman throws punches, fighting brutally in the air. Helicopters and fighter jets circles the whole city, being all over the place. Everything is chaos! Then Zod graps superman by the neck, and with force starts to push superman's head right in to a helicopters propeller-blades, of course breaking them off like toothpicks, while leaving superman unharmed. Superman screams, "Zod! DONT!". While the two proceeds on dugging it out in the air with the camera flying all over the place, there also was a top-point of view that let's us see this bladeless helicopter twirl uncontrollably towards the streets below. Superman tries to break free of Zod's grip in time to swoop down there and save it. But he never manages to. Instead, Zod swings his arm around supes neck from behind with immense force and graps his hair with the other hand, pointing his head right down towards the helicopter as it explodes in the streets, killing not only the people inside the helicopter but also a few people running in the streets as well. Superman's eyes goes completely sad in a short slowmotion, completely silent-mode, as the flames rises from beneath, right before Zod whispers to him: "that was your doing, Kal-El - not mine!". Then Cavill's face goes from sad, to looking exstremely pissed off in a split second, and the two continues fighting through the air. That was the stuff I remember...

Of course, it was just a little dream sequence of mine :-) But it got me thinking about possible casualties within this movie. I actually like the idea of Superman being part of an accident that causes these casualties, even though it's not directly his fault, of course. But he still psychologically suffers from these instances. In MY mind, this would be a tense and unnerving theme to implement within this film as well. I don't know what you others think about that?
That would be awesome! I would love to see that kind of drama unfold in a Superman movie. Great dream! I had a "opening night title sequence" dream the other night. Nothing to speak of but they are coming in more frequently the closer we get.

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