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Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I still can't believe that there was a time where I was worried that the film would feel too small scaled with the speculated budget of an 175 million only and how we didn't really hear that much of them filming on location, but wow after seeing more footage and hearing more, they really went all out on this one.
The 175 m figure is most likely correct. The rumour is that Snyder got an increase of about 25-45 m in the production budget after concept arts were shown whereby an increase in GCI cost, maybe set, costume & additional location shots will need to be met. Any extra cost will be for post-converting to 3D on WB's order. I don't think that we will ever know the exact production budget.

I don't think that 175 m is small scale. Any film budget over 150 m is deemed to be "big budget".

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