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Originally Posted by moviefreak View Post
The 175 m figure is most likely correct. The rumour is that Snyder got an increase of about 25-45 m in the production budget after concept arts were shown whereby an increase in GCI cost, maybe set, costume & additional location shots will need to be met. Any extra cost will be for post-converting to 3D on WB's order. I don't think that we will ever know the exact production budget.
That’s the case for many movies. BO #s are reported by independent organizations; so we don’t have to take the studio’s word. But getting reliable info on a budget is hit-and-miss. Sometimes, a producer will mention a figure during an interview, and this is re-quoted and taken as gospel. Also - technically - a budget is the planned expense. But if the movie goes over by, say, $30M, the original "budget" (not the actual cost) might still be cited.

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