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Originally Posted by Dr. View Post
That’s the case for many movies. BO #s are reported by independent organizations; so we don’t have to take the studio’s word. But getting reliable info on a budget is hit-and-miss. Sometimes, a producer will mention a figure during an interview, and this is re-quoted and taken as gospel. Also - technically - a budget is the planned expense. But if the movie goes over by, say, $30M, the original "budget" (not the actual cost) might still be cited.
I concurred with you. I'm just not sure whether the rumoured increase was after Snyder was hired and maybe Nolan? & the other two producers (the two wives) with their collective influences got the increased budget.

And maybe Jon Peters asked them for some toys... Afterall, there are many toys and merchandising stuffs out there,so Jon Peters will be a very rich man!

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