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Originally Posted by Zionite1 View Post
Darkseid is out though-Thanks to the Goddamn Justice League.
Everything about Darksied for JLA seems kinda dumb to me. First it's going to solidify the Avengers(rip off) comparisons the GA already has. Secondly, it shows the same go to and lack of real vision I've been seeing in John's recent work. Thirdly, there are some other options.
If DC had their **** together Legion of Doom type of situation would be the ultimate trump card to whatever alien invasion Avengers is no doubt going up against next. If only we had seen legitimate DC villains on screen up to this point. What's more fun than seeing heroes cross over than seeing their villains do it too. Enter Superman vs Sinestro.

If Heath was still around this would be a no brainer.

I'm just against the Darksied/JLA scenario. If they could have a Darkseid superman scenario I'd be down, like in the early STAS. That would be "big thinking"

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