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Originally Posted by ThreadPool View Post
Dang! Beat me to it.
My 2 cents anyways:

Damon Lindelof () on the JLA movie and tone of Man of Steel

Wait, wait, wait... How would MoS benefit from being PG? The violence is toned down? Uh. And? That's what was wrong with the last (still PG-13) big-screen Supes. Aside from the airplane/shuttle rescue the large-scale action was nonexistent.
I am tired of hearing about Donner's Superman. We get it. It's a classic. Moving on.
"Dark" is way overused as a term.
Taking the movie seriously = Dark.
More themes to think about = Dark.
No wink, wink, nudge, nudge. You're watching a movie based on a comic book. = Dark
Not to mention, the only reason S:TM was PG was because PG-13 didn't exist, yet.

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