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Originally Posted by Sharkboy View Post
Lindelof is hit or miss for me (I'm not going to burn him at the stake because he didn't fellate a movie we haven't seen yet) I love about 70% of Lost and both Star Trek films are great and I can not wait for Tommorrowland, but I'll never consider the guy who messed up Prometheus "a good writer".

Anyway, back to real talk. It is interesting that if they can't get a man running at top speed to look good on film, that pretty much makes the Flash film dead in the water. With that and Green Lantern pretty much untouchable for a while...maybe WB should just settle for a World's Finest/Trinity film. That alone would beat whatever Marvel cranks out.
I dont think Lindelof is Solely responsible for the failure of Prometheus .
Lindelof cant just walk in and tinker with a script.
The studio wanted it .
The director wanted it .

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